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Covid-19 Statement



I would like to take this opportunity to bring you up to date with the delivery of our training and the concerns of COVID-19. Insofar as social distancing we work whenever possible to 2 metres however when this is not possible it will be 1 metre plus.

We comply with track and trace and keep records for 14 days.

With PPE we have gloves and mask to be issued to the delegates for practical sessions and hand sanitation stations. With the use of manikins each delegate will be issued with a manikin for the duration of the course. Only that delegate will use that manikin. The manikins will have new lungs/face and cleaning materials will be issued and PPE. If the delegate feels uncomfortable delivering rescue breaths then chest compression only CPR will be delivered.

For practical sessions and working in pairs if both parties agree then gloves and mask are to be used. These pairs will work together for the duration of the course.

Refreshments, tea/coffee will be offered on each day of training. Each delegate will be issued with a mug and wooden spoon sealed in a bag for their sole use.

A brief on all our safety procedures will be completed by our facilitator at the start of each session. A copy of our risk assessment will be available if any delegate would like to read it.

If you require any additional information then please do speak to Kevin the course facilitator.

My aim is to ensure that everyone is safe and continue to facilitate these courses in a safe environment.

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